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Archangel's 8-Step Guide to Rapid Self-Improvement

William Anthony, C.Ht, NLP  20-Jan-2005

For those of you that missed it, here's a my 8-Step Guide with some significant modifications.

This Guide is the heart of the core concepts of NLP PLUS, which explains why the dedicated use of NLP PLUS crosses over into magick.

Now, one of the initial things you do in any magick is to build your energy within you. You use this energy to fuel the changes in your life by creating rapport and connections. And once you start creating these connections, your emotionally-charged thoughts become reality. Including your negative ones... ESPECIALLY your negative ones, because they dominate your best intentions by introducing the devil of doubt. POWER MAGNIFIES YOUR FLAWS!!! Have any self-esteem issues? Self doubts? Down on yourself? Watch as you anticipate failure and it happens.

Think of your personal power as a balloon, and negativity are spots on that balloon. As you inflate the balloon with your power, what happens to the bad spots? They get LARGER!

Some people have the mistaken assumption that to be successful all you need to do is increase your personal power. WRONG! You need to be focused, with a direction, so that you can do something with that constantly changing power.

Magick is about having mental self-control, enabling you to make the correct choices. Making the correct choices is about setting the proper priorities.

The most powerful advice I can offer to a magickian, whether beginner or advanced, that is sincerely wanting to move ahead as quickly as possible is:

  1. Never daydream. Ever. It wastes your mental energy, pure and simple. The more you resist this, the more you need to stop daydreaming.
  2. Place yourself in trance once a day, at the same time every day, for between 15 to 30 minutes. Using the NLP+ Affirmation Structures, ask your subconscious, "Please tell me what I need to learn today?" three times. This will first impact this affirmation onto your subconscious, and then relax it into your superconscious. (When you first start to do this, you may feel mentally exhausted. This is normal.)
  3. Never, ever think a negative thought, regardless of the circumstances. While your thoughts not only affect your circumstances, they are also responsible for controlling them.
  4. Always speak POSITIVE words. For example, don't say "hate", say "don't like". By the way, "why" is a negative word - it's judgmental and puts people on the defensive. You'll be shocked at what an amazingly positive impact this can have on those around you. Some of you have been noticing that I write like this, too...!
  5. Do not become dependent upon alcohol or mind-changing drugs, because prolonged use will destroy your concentration - especially alcohol. Strive to reduce and eliminate their use.
  6. Be physically centered & balanced, with your feet firmly on the floor, at all times. That is, be aware of your body's center of gravity and remain balanced - even when walking. Don't lean. Ever.
  7. Get yourself on either an exercise program or an aerobics program and stick to it. Follow this up with a HEALTHY DIET very low in fat and cholesterol. You should be eating at least three pieces of fruit a day. Also, you must drink several glasses of water daily - this flushes out body waste, keeping your body healthy and your mind optimistic. Eliminating fears and anxieties begins with a proper diet.
  8. Breath deeply, with proper body posture, head up, AT ALL TIMES - even when alone!

Admittedly, #1 is the most difficult. All of these rules are crucial.

You cannot be an armchair magickian. It takes self-discipline.

The only true rule of Magick and Manifestation, of which all other rules are derived, is this: Do not exert energy with the intention of controlling the Free Will of others. Providing a direction for someone (or satisfying a fantasy) is one thing; forcing someone to do something they ordinarily would not do is another. When you restrict the choices of others, it places an energy of restriction upon you ("As ye sow, so shall ye reap"), which restricts YOUR choices as well, with devastating results upon your life.

Always remember that a true Magickian is a bearer of Truth. This means that you do not bear false witness - you are dealing directly with the REALITY of the situation (rapport with the situation). A High Magickian is able to directly sense the raw powers of Time and Energy, and by working directly with the MOVEMENT of Time and Energy, is capable of influencing a situation by completely relaxing into the movement of the present by allowing others to respond to you. A High Magickian does not require the use of specialized rituals - he deals directly with the dual RAW powers of Time and Energy. That's when your life really gets amazing.

A little psychic seduction in one thing. Following the Way of the Initiate is something else entirely, huh?

Now, once you begin accumulating positive power and you're significantly experiencing rapport with your subconscious, but before you've become completely comfortable with your magick, you're going to find that you're attracting some very unusual people (and this always seems to happen...).

These people are either bad magicians, or left-hand initiates (more on this later). These are insecure people with personal power but absolutely no focus whatsoever. Many of these assholes will be complete sociopaths. They will pass themselves off as having a hidden, secret knowledge. They'll hint at secret societies, and will rarely answer a direct question. Yes, they will have partial knowledge of the Truth, and may even remind you of some things you've learned elsewhere - but their only interest will be in hijacking your energies so that you will submit to them.

The thing is, when this happens, you'll realize just how far you've come.

By the way, left-hand initiates use the primitive emotions - lust, greed, laziness, anger, pride, envy, gluttony - either directly or indirectly. Using primitive emotions leads to a more primitive lifestyle - like poverty!

The right-hand initiate DIRECTLY uses the emotions of abundance & acceptance - Love, acceptance, joy, appreciation, generosity. Of course, using emotions of abundance leads to an abundant life as well!

Understand that the NLP PLUS Structure of Breath, Body, Mind, and Motion is specifically designed for sensing and moving Time and Energy. It's all based upon mental and physical relaxation and balance, and the constant MOVEMENT of that balance. It's not about being bogged down in a static state - it's about CONSTANTLY CHANGING state, through CONSTANTLY CHANGING Time and Energy. It's not about creating a static feeling, it's about structures creating a CHANGE of feeling, and experiencing these feelings change for as long as possible. That's why Time and Energy are the only two raw powers - Time is defined by change, and the purpose of Energy is to create change by it's consumption.

And the purpose of all of this constantly changing Time and Energy is to constantly and continuously create rapport between people, things, and events - constantly creating connections (sounds like seduction, huh?). The purpose of manifestation is constantly creating more rapport between yourself and what you desire. The purpose of SELF-IMPROVEMENT is constantly creating more rapport within your awareness so that you can more and easier connections between your thoughts - self-control leading to self-awareness through constantly increasing self-rapport.

Seduction is not an event. It is a process. Seduction is about CONSTANTLY CHANGING Time and Energy. And so is manifestation.

William "Archangel" Anthony, C.Ht, NLP
Certified Hypnotherapist


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