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Important Things to Know About Yourself & Others

    by William Anthony, C.Ht, NLP
  1. All relationship and personality issues can be solved by focusing on, and maintaining, the proper mental and emotional state.
  2. In general, we are attracted to people that are similar to us while appearing to have qualities we deeply desire.
  3. Your external world is an accurate reflection of your internal world.
  4. People respond more powerfully to your non-verbal signals, than to what you say.
  5. People respond powerfully to what you think about yourself.
  6. In general, when doing any persuasion only talk and think about things and feelings that you want to be associated with you.
  7. Always go into meditation or prayer with a purpose, or you may find that you will come out with a lack of purpose.
  8. See it before you do it.
  9. Do it as if you've already done it.
  10. Whenever you hypnotize someone, you always first hypnotize yourself.
  11. If you have hidden intentions, there is no 100% reliable way to hide these thoughts from others
  12. Self-improvement requires an identity change and a different way of thinking
  13. The best emotional  defense is to not take the person seriously at all - have a sense of humor!
  14. The most compelling and powerful way to communicate is to always speak as if convincing yourself.
  15. By taking a deep breath before speaking, your voice always comes out more pleasing.
  16. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people on the internet!
  17. You attract the type of person that reinforces your identity. For example, if you're unhappy with who you are, you'll attract someone that will make you even more unhappy.
  18. Love yourself, and you'll be a person that people will want to be with.
  19. Learn to laugh, loudly and as often as possible
  20. In all interpersonal dealings, think win/win
  21. In general, when doing remote influence, bring them to you - do not go to them, or you will adopt their fears and anxieties.
  22. Feelings of desperation or despair will hinder any remote influence attempt.
  23. One of the most critical parts of any remote influence is the banishment. After you do it, forget it.
  24. In order to manifest money, you must first manifest a feeling of security and abundance.
  25. Manipulation: Are you concerned that what you are doing is manipulation? Then ask yourself, "How would I feel if someone was doing this to me?" Manipulation is when you force people to make a single choice or behavior.
  26. Every day, unenlightened people make decisions based not on what they want to achieve, but what makes them comfortable
  27. You cannot achieve self-enlightenment solely from the Internet. You must get out and get to know people.
  28. Only pathetically insecure people initiate power games. They do it to reinforce who they think they are. As they grow older, they will grow angrier, and more unhappy.
  29. When watching movies, if you can sit thru and bear an onscreen character's embarrassment, you can better bear your own embarrassments.
  30. When watching movies, between a conflict of two people, identify with the stronger character if you can feel their point of view. Never identify with the victim. Never.
  31. If you are good at sleight-of-mouth (SOM), you'll be great at flirting.
  32. A person cannot maintain any standard of morals when they has no ordinary means of living.
     - (Kenkň Hoshi, 14th century Japanese Buddhist spiritual leader)
  33. Seriously hot women perceive any unsolicited act of kindness from a man as a definite act of manipulation. There is no exception to this rule, because she is correct.
  34. There are many trainers in NLP, hypnosis, and self-help. You can usually trust those that promote their products over themselves. Any trainer that self-promotes by giving you a long and detailed self history is probably giving you an inaccurate history. Any trainer that tell you a lot about himself and no definite examples of his techniques is a con artist.
  35. The effectiveness of a trainer's product is more important to you than the trainer.
  36. There is no chemical solution to a spiritual problem.
  37. Momentum is Everything.
  38. Your inability to deal with the past is significantly less important than your ability to deal effectively with the future.
  39. Fuck the past.
  40. A girl's worst fear is that she's boring. Her second worst fear is that you will bore her.
  41. The one thing most people will not put up with is someone that's boring.
  42. Everybody has childhood issues. Everybody
  43. All of the biography & "about" shows you see on cable channels such as A&E, VH1, E!, and the Biography Channel are done by contracted public relations firms. Keep in mind that what you see is not reality - it is "spin". This includes any show that pretends to be the "True Hollywood Story" - what you are seeing is fiction.
  44. With few exceptions, believe nothing a Hollywood actor says about themselves. And always remember that Hollywood movies that proclaim to be "the true/real story" are still mostly works of fiction.
  45. At all costs, avoid judgmental assholes. These are people that, with their words and tone of voice, try to make you feel bad about choices you make and constantly criticize you. These people are already poisoned, and want to spread their poison to you.
  46. Whoever angers you, controls you.
  47. People who lay guilt trips on others are totally and completely unsusceptible to guilt, even to being indifferent to the suffering of others.
  48. Every night, before you go to bed, read a funny book.

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