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Introduction to NLP Plus

    by William Anthony, C.Ht, NLP  24-Nov-2004

Why has the self-help section of the bookstore become one of the largest sections of the bookstore? Why is effective sales training so difficult to find?

Why do so many self-help programs suck?

Hello, my name is William Anthony. I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and the creator of NLP PLUS.

Many self-improvement books crowd the shelves today: Books with compelling titles, fat introductions, and lots of padding. It's not uncommon for someone to buy one of those books and discover that maybe only six or seven pages really had any understanding and insight. Or maybe you made a purchase off of what finally appeared to be the book that would answer all your questions, but when UPS delivered the book you quickly discovered that the typically useless reviews had exaggerated once again.

NLP, or NeuroLinguistic Programming, was originally invented as a set of methodologies to explain how we describe our perception of the world. By changing our perception of the world, and our internal perception of ourselves, we can connect with others more meaningfully.

(Life is a series of moments that allow us to CONNECT with others. Remember this.)

There's a serious problem with what has been taught as classical NLP, and it is this: because of the way NLP is often presented and structured, it's been notoriously difficult to learn. If NLP had been structured properly, then you should use NLP, to learn NLP - right?

This difficulty is based upon the horrible fact, that Classical NLP, like so many other personal development programs, is horribly non-linear; so, for the beginner, it requires remembering so many processes and patterns that it becomes frustrating, and then useless.

Ever noticed that NLP doesn't include any memory training? That's one of the main flaws of Classical NLP.

Now, listen to this: we are chiefly motivated by what we FEEL - by our EMOTIONS. That means that a proper understanding of NLP demands something that classic NLP does not teach - emotional intelligence and control. And the problem is that because studies show television and computers inherently FORCE us to be more and more visual, while simultaneously dulling our emotional intelligence, many people are losing their emotional satisfaction. And classic NLP doesn't teach you emotional satisfaction, does it?

Listen up, because this is one of the most important concepts you'll ever learn in your life: You Are Responsible For How You Feel. Your emotions, and how you feel at any given time (what Classical NLP calls your "state") is your responsibility. It is up to you to decide to not depend upon others in order to feel good.

NLP PLUS describes some of the similar concepts classic NLP attempts to describe - that is to say, it is based upon the original concepts NLP attempted to describe, concepts as old as ancient Egypt. But there is one huge underlying principle of this course that clearly shows that it is not classical NLP.

NLP PLUS is a powerful blend of interlocking methods that have a firm basis in memory imprinting and technique triggering.

NLP+ will teach you rapport, anchoring, pacing, and leading. It will teach you confidence and charisma, persuasion and relaxation, and so much more. And NLP+ will teach you how to personalize these skills.

So - what's the secret? As you'll soon see, it's all based upon Plus Points. Plus Points are the memory facets your brain uses to create powerful and instinctual motivation. And, each Plus Point corresponds to an NLP+ technique.

The Plus Points are BREATH, BODY, MIND, MOTION:

You'll learn that RAPPORT is a function of Breath, Body, Mind, Motion. You'll learn that ANCHORING (what NLP+ calls CUEING) is a function of Breath, Body, Mind, Motion. You'll learn that CONFIDENCE is a function of Breath, Body, Mind, Motion. And, especially MOTIVATION is a function of Breath, Body, Mind, Motion.

NLP PLUS completely bypasses what does not work, and goes straight to the real center of what really works. And then, it places you at that center - in control, and in command.

Learn how to listen to your gut instincts, put passion into your life, and find the happiness you've been looking for. Because once you have control of yourself, you can take control of your life.


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