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The Importance of Daily Trance Work

William Anthony, C.Ht, NLP   14-Dec-2005

I've been asked about what I do for my daily trance/meditation work. This short article gives you a good idea about what to do, how to do it, and how benefits you.

This is the NLP Plus Daily Trance routine, designed to prime your mind for cool self-hypnosis. Daily trance work stretches your mind and improves your mental flexibility and agility, turning you into a verbal and mental ninja!

This follows Breath/Body/Mind/Motion, where Motion = you don't move.

One of the things you need to integrate into trance is a chance for self-examination and feedback. You'll see that in the process below.

Personalize the process - make it your own. Relax from your feet to your head, or your head to your feet. Or start with your hands, if you like. It's up to you.

With personalization, and self-examination, you own the trance. Think of what you get here as an outline - you need to personalize this, and make it your own PERSONAL process.

Before any trance work, I do some intense stretching exercises. There's lots of mental power released when you remove tension from your muscles. Remember, each part of your body is connected to a part of your mind. When you relax that part of your body, we relax a part of your mind.

The mind follows the body. Relax your body, and you relax your mind. ALWAYS remember that.

There are three body postures you choose for a trance.

  • The first, standing up and still.
  • The second is sitting
  • The third is lying flat on your back with a pillow under your head so your chin is tucked under your chest.

Your tongue is on the roof of your mouth, lightly touching your front teeth. Your back is straight from your butt to your neck. Especially when sitting, you are sitting on the BOTTOM HALF of your butt, because even your butt is straight when doing this trance meditation.

O.K., now, let's Go!

The NLP Plus Daily Trance Method

1) Body relaxation: Gravity is your Best Friend.

Stretching before trance is essential. I stretch in early morning, but it's O.K. to stretch before trance work, too.

I like to imagine my bones are heavy, weighing down the rest of my body.

My personal trick for relaxation, is relax your body at the joints. How does this work? Well, if you relax your knees and your ankles, then your thigh bones have no choice but to deeply relax, right? Relax your knees and your waist, and your thighs easily relax. Got it?

This is a fantastic opportunity for self-examination. Let your mind explore your body, searching for tension that's there. When your mind finds the tension, relax that part of your body. Stretch it out if that helps ease the tension. Pay particular attention to your neck, shoulders, chest, and stomach.

2) Breath relaxation: Slow and Deep.

You must sloooow your breathing, and breath in deep. Breathe as slowly as feels comfortable for you, and always with a small smile on your lips.

Always inhale through the nose. Exhale through your nose. Exhaling through your nose clears out debris caught in the filters of your nose's hairs. Breathing out through your mouth can get you a stuffy nose.

Breathe using as few muscles as possible. Again, more self-examination - let your mind explore the muscles of your chest and stomach. Learning to inhale with as few muscles as possible can seem to be a challenge at first. This is another opportunity for SELF-EXAMINATION - what can you learn about your own body? Are those muscles above your stomach really needed to breathe, or can you relax them? Are you correctly breathing from the bottom of your chest? Can you get rid of tension in your stomach?

Exhaling is easier. After inhaling, hold your breath by closing your throat, and then immediately relax your chest and stomach completely. SLOWLY release your breath by opening your throat.

After you get good at this, exhaling will give you a warm WONDERFUL feeling from the relaxation in your stomach. It's really amazing to experience - like a relaxation buzz.

3) Secret Mind Relaxation

This is a secret method of mind relaxation, many have terrific success with it - it's my "forgetting" method - you calm your thoughts by simply shutting off your memory. That's it. You basically go into a mode where you tell yourself not to remember anything. You can even imagine a big switch in your mind labeled "Memory" that you can flip off like toggling a light switch.

Turning off your memory turns your thoughts off in a very sudden and dramatic way, which brings a profound sense of relaxation. It's healing and brings a sense of forgiveness.

And, don't forget that little smile. Smiling releases feel-good endorphins, chemicals in the blood stream, that give you a real nice buzz - really!

4) Motivation and Purpose

Go with the flow and let yourself go. Motivate yourself a special NLP Plus Affirmation: "feel good", "work hard", "be sexy". This adds purpose. Remember to add a little more to your smile while doing affirmations.

And remember, relaxing your Body and Breath are opportunities for internal examination - check your breath and body, give yourself feedback, and then try new things to relax.

You can print this page and reference it the next time you go into trance. Now, go get buzzed!!!

William Anthony, C.Ht, NLP
Certified Hypnotherapist


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